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A dispensary that embraces weed counter-culture.

nothing better than a zip of weed.

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This is our home.. and your pick up.

This is why we wake up in the morning. This is the place we put in our sweat and tears. This is the place where we embrace the hustle. We strive to do more and be better everyday. We hope we can be a positive place to visit  and you get as excited as we do to be in this building.


3745 Interpark Dr.
Colorado Springs
Colorado, 80907


Monday - Sunday

What's our deal?

Dispensaries have been making these complicated schemes for getting their product out there. Long lines, small quantities, tons of packaging and regular quality. At Zipz there’s a simple equation. Good product sold in ounces. A  nostalgic call back to the place we all came from that seems so far way now. We provide safe, quick, easy shopping, ounces always available. With a little twist from the street beginnings of the industry.

Our friends in the industry

Allgreens Dispensary

Considered the best medical dispensary in Denver. These guys are family. We work closely together on select projects. We love them as much as they do us. Find them at for great medical products in Denver.

Projekts Agency

Based in Cali, these guys have our social media looking heat. You ever wonder where our bomb images come from? It's all Projekts Agency's work. Find them here. If you want top-notch social media work.

Small Axe Designs

A young design agency run by a couple of amazing designers. They've done some of our packaging, and the website you are reading this on. They are our brand guardians. Send them a message if you want a design hook-up.

Doctors of natural medicine

Colorado Springs only has medical cannabis, no rec. Bummer, we know. Thankfully Doctors of Natural medicine got us covered. Give them a shout below and tell them we sent you. 5446 N Academy Blvd STE 104, Colorado Springs, CO 80918